Political Campaign Agency in Nigeria


  • As a political campaign agency in Nigeria, We have played a key role in the presidential , senatorial and governorship elections over the past ten years, we have actively helped political candidates secure their desired seats by using varied offline and digital means of advertising. From the days of utilizing just billboards, radio and TV adverts we have evolved and played dominant yet covert roles in branding and helping campaign managers, holders of political offices and aspiring candidates achieve results.

At ANTTENTION MEDIA AFRICA, we simply go beyond campaigns, posters and events. Our digital strategy and Artificial Intelligence tool combined with Intelligent online and offline campaign strategies gets the work done. 


With the advent and evolving digital marketing techniques available, it is still sad to note that over 65% of the target market may not be literate and so would not properly engage with digital means of marketing. E.g A candidate who wants to send out campaign materials to candidates in the rural areas will not opt for Landing Pages, Digital e-campaign materials or content marketing because these individuals are either not internet savvy, may not have the data to access content or other reasons.

However, we still believe in the efficacy of;

A) Mobile Marketing using robocalls that send voice messages to your potential voters in your native language or any language of choice using a smart database which we can target down to ward-levels.

B) SMS Campaigns sent to a highly targeted database of registered voters who can read (… but honestly, it’s not as effective as it used to be).

C) Digital Display Campaigns strategically displayed across google display networks (this has also become dicey as you need to navigate google’s new rules of political display ads).

D) Video AD Campaigns that resonate with the grassroot, mid-income and High Networth Individuals. View some of our video AD’s here.


We keep this in mind at Anttention Media Africa so it all begins with one star, Your product. Reach our political campaign team on +2347066663071 or on anttentionwatch@gmail.com